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 Justifying expenditure, Coordinating different initiatives, doing more with less & avoiding off target campaigns – these are just some of the varied marketing challenges that Co’s face today. Sure marketing is an intuitive art. But then at Selecture, we understand that a strategy is a fundamental comprehensive procedural plan designed to help achieve a particular goal. This plan factors is potentially influential elements right from the start, answering the question of how a goal can be achieved despite a whole range of obstacles.

For example : Organisation can out sources their entire HR functions out of our panel of HR managers in order to ensure smooth functioning of HR in the light of continuous HR management turnover in the recent history of business . This includes the gamut of employee, motivational , sales training services & from the registration of the companies to standing orders, new registers, salary registers, maintaining PF & related data & records coverage of employee under ESI, filing monthly PF & ESI returns, handling labour laws & related jobs, Conducting domestic enquires in premises, industrial relations, including negotiation with registered union & advice on disciplinary actions .

Can your Co., adopt quickly enough to respond to new challenges or seize new opportunities?

In today’s economy, you can’t afford to let your organization to be restricted by traditional boundaries. Collaboration with external business partners must be as easy as working with internal departments such collaborations offer opportunities for revenue & profit growth. This is where Selecture will be your technology partner by finding the right people (like CEO’s, CFO’s, CTO’s, VP’s, GM’s etc.,) for your organization to get maximum value from your existing systems & integrate with your heterogeneous landscape. So as to helping your firm cope up with the dynamic new market forces to take action & make decisions faster.

For ex., if it is IT/Web application, we clearly know that the change is part of E-business. To make of your E-business opportunities, you need to quickly develop, deploy & then adapt web applications, & web-services for both internal & external use. Plus, keeping information technology eco system up & running at peak performance 24/7 has never been more challenging.

Given all of this challenge, it is clear that having a ‘trusted partner’ & advice to help with management of these complex solution landscape is critical.

In short Selecture believed that the lowest cost of ownership is achieved by providing the necessary service & support knowledge for improvement of the business environment.

The above fact is well accepted & acknowledged by the corporate world in India & abroad & the executives placed by us have been heading some of the leading MNC’s in India and Abroad.

Finally we provide you with quality profile than quantity in order to give you the benefit of cost effectiveness & productivity.

Our intangible also includes the marketing division where we will help the Companies to go on:

  • Market research on product
  • Product launches
  • Channel setup & management
  • Product promotions & holistic marketing approach.